Introducing the Fifthmade Apple TV Remote Case

For 4th + 5th Gen Apple TV Siri Remotes

Make your Apple TV remote easier to hold and harder to lose.

For immediate release worldwide

Louisville, KY (March 1st, 2021) - Fifthmade is proud to launch their flagship product, the Apple TV Siri Remote case, on Kickstarter.

The Apple TV Remote is notorious for being small and easy to lose.

We’ve lost our Apple TV remotes in couch cushions and bed comforters countless times over the years.

Due to the non-capacitive touch surface, any object that comes into contact with your remote’s touch pad can unintentionally fast-forward through your current show or movie, while you’re left scrambling to find your remote.

We searched for existing products to solve this problem, but the only options available were small silicone sleeves that would improve grip, but didn’t increase the remote’s footprint or make it more comfortable to hold and use.

Our goal was simple — make your remote easier to hold and harder to lose. With the Fifthmade Apple TV Remote case, we’ve done just that.

Our wood cases come in authentic maple or walnut, and improves your remote’s function without compromising its design. We spent months prototyping and testing various shapes, sizes, and features, until we achieved our goal.

Our cases make the remote larger and more comfortable to hold. We added an internal compartment to hold a Tile® Mate tracker, so you’ll never lose your remote again. We also designed a magnetic mount to ensure your Apple TV remote stays securely in our case for life, while still making it easily remove-able for charging.

We created a remote case that not only looks and feels incredible, but makes your remote easier to hold and harder to lose.

  • Available in genuine maple or walnut
  • Case measures 163mm long, 46mm wide, and 14.2mm thick.
  • Internal compartment to add a Tile Mate tracker
  • Magnet + adhesive backed plate to ensure your Apple TV remote stays securely in our case for life

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